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promote a positive environment

Our mission is to create and promote a positive environment for the people we support, built on integrity, respect, creativity and inclusion.


make positive and meaningful differences
LVRI was established in 2016 to make positive and meaningful differences in peoples lives. Lotus Vana has a passion and drive to build and create an environment where people can ‘live’ their life. Lotus Vana have established a setting where people can get together and be in an environment that fosters growth and personal fulfilment through an inclusive, culturally safe and inspirational setting.


Sensory programs that get the mind and body active

Wednesday’s and Thursday’s bring with it a great vibe as people come to the LVRI program to get active or get creative. Whether it’s art, craft, music or dance or more, these are great sensory programs that get the mind and body active.

Wednesday and Thursday 9.30 – 1.30


Assist with socialisation which lead to forming friendships
Whether it’s cards, craft, games or dance, the people that come to the Monday and Friday Senior’s programs tend to keep coming back. Many have expressed how the programs assist with socialisation and have led to forming friendships.

Monday’s –  social program from 9 – 11.30 and 12 – 2.30

Friday’s – social program from 9 – 11.30 and fortnightly craft program


To create and promote a home-like environment for the people we support. With integrity, respect, creativity and partnerships built on trust and collaboration, with a culture based on inclusion, where people can feel part of their community.


Here are all up coming events happening with Lotus Vana. 
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